Delicious dinner in colorful restaurant

I’m not a full-size vegan but my wife is, and I do like to feel mild rather than significant the following dinner. My very first impression of the restaurant was something special out of LA.

But what surprised me most is the menu; there is a slew of choices. The service was remarkable, and the location was packed with beautiful looking people. It was a great vibe for sure. I attempted the Clorofila juice and got high on chlorophyll instantly (lol). Seriously, you can find stalks of a kind of grass from the beverage. I have never tasted anything like it made me feel fantastic. Also, the waiter recommended me some guys forĀ fishing in cozumel and we’ll definitely be calling them.

I am always up for a lentil burger, and theirs is undoubtedly the best I have ever had anywhere in the world. Even when you’re not a vegan I highly recommend this place. You will not regret experiencing something different like this restaurant! It was delicious. The waiters Michelle and Marian were quite knowledgeable and friendly. A recommendation to everyone – old and young!

Anytime I’m traveling, and I will discover a juice bar that produces juice order, I am in holiday paradise. This spacious place has everything you can imagine and much more to enjoy a light lunch or merely fabulous juices. Simple to communicate with the staff. Great atmosphere.

We saw this place for dinner, critically this was the very best vegan food I’ve ever eaten there. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. I would strongly recommend getting a vegan omelet witch lotion spinach, absolutely tasty. Nice atmosphere, friendly materials, positive vibes, and yummy food.

We have eaten here some times and enjoy all the plant-based food which is super tasty! The presentation is always quite excellent and the food really filling and colorful. We also love the juices and smoothies and the fact that they use reusable straws. The rates are also very fair to get a”tourist” town.

My lunch here was the best meal I ate while on holidays in Mexico, and I’m not vegan. The soup was fantastic! The tacos were amazing, and the fresh juice has been phenomenal!