Excellent steakhouse with wonderful service!

That is a slick, relaxed restaurant.

I’m just leaving the location, and the service and food are amazing! Good ambiance, fantastic meat, and excellent company, congratulations to Erick, the operations supervisor! Congratulations to all of the employees, highly suggested! Enjoy.

Our foods were SO lovely and the appetizer they begin you with (a hot bean dip with cheese is quite yummy!). It was beautiful to have a new raspberry sorbet to finish our meal too. I strongly suggest it.

Absolutely go! Fireworks off the face of the restaurant building at midnight we are amazing. Fantastic thought since the chef could concentrate on creating the fixed dishes cooked and presented.

The table had tacos using a cheese and bean dip for everybody with three distinct resources within an entree. I’d eat the Waldorf salad that was again well introduced. And all of the salad things were fresh and crisp. Three had the beef as main. The meat was of outstanding quality. Also, I asked the waiter about a cozumel taxi tour and he nicely answered.

We had a good time in this restaurant. The service was prompt and attentive. If you aren’t likely to have a beer for which they’re apparently known for, then I would strongly suggest Caramel tacos – it’s but one of those beef cuts beautifully prepared and served in a soft tortilla shell. Desserts looked fantastic (they attract a screen tray filled with these to the dining table ). However, we were too full to try out any.

First time. Servers were fantastic in describing the menu. Enjoy an excellent reddish from Guadalupe, beef to die for. I found a traditional starter on the list and then tried it. Ant eggs. Do not gag. It was yummy, and they’re coming into the USA. Search for them and proceed. You may love it. There really was not anything that I did not like about our trip.

We generally stay at hotels but that I had such a fantastic experience the next time we visit PDC we’ll remain at this resort. Fantastic company, nice/safe walk into the city. Lunch and dinner choices are restricted, but it is possible to discover excellent restaurants in the town. The buffet is yummy.