Family Vacation

This hotel exceeded expectations. We just got back from a quick family trip, and as soon as we arrived, we felt at home. The service was amazing. Like most international resorts, they offer you to view a presentation for additional perks and savings.

I expected that, and you can deny them although they will continue to ask if you have changed your mind. The food was amazing. If there is an area of improvement, it would be to have more options of meals to select from. The menus at the resort were a little bit on the light side with possibilities, but the food was excellent.

The beach was still a bit brown from the seaweed, but you can see the staff working out there every day trying to keep it as clean as possible. One guy from the staff told me about a helmet diving cozumel tour we want to try our next time here.

My family and I could not have asked for better service. We did not get to take advantage of the excursions as our trip was not that many days and the resort alone could take up 2-3 days to enjoy all of it.

The hotel set us up with a taxi service that took us to Playa Del Carmen, which is very lovely and a great place to purchase your souvenirs for your friends and family back at home.
Once again, overall, we loved staying here, and we will be back sooner than later.

The main pool at El Cid was terrific, and the events such as dance night parties, foam parties, movie night are just some of the events that made this a most memorable trip. Thank you, El Cid, and your staff.

Excellent resort for a family vacation. Rooms are big and clean with private balconies. Real good options for food and treat for seafood fans. Lots of water activities at the resort. The staff is amiable and courteous. All in all, it is a good value for money. I will go there again.