Five star private resort

Grand Residence has been an exceptional hotel. It’s found at Puerto Morelos, south of Cancun for approximately 45 minutes. The place is quiet and beautiful. The hotel has a very private beach and completes it made for a lovely relaxing holiday.

As the name hints, I really couldn’t be impressed with my stay in the Grand Residences Cancun. The oceanfront view, attentive staff with cozumel reef restoration tours recommendations, and general smoothness created for an excellent family holiday. The method by which in which the team comports itself is really out of the world. Each of them remembered my family’s names and so were outside useful. I’d love to provide a special thanks for Kenedi, who left excellent guacamole and was friendly with my husband.

Damian, the bartender, took care of us always had a grin on his head when he functioned my father a drink. Gabriel was beautiful, and might frequently serve as my households Waiter when we had been in the pool. He’d bring us all we had and was pleased to do so.
This was great for me, a turtle fan, but also reveals all of the fantastic being done by the hotel. I went out one night to see them put their eggs and has been given excellent knowledge from the guys on duty who had been spotting to the turtles.

I do not recall their titles, but I can’t say just how kind and prepared they were to discuss their knowledge. They had a lot of pride in Turtle conservation and completely loved their tasks. To me, personally, this was inspirational and made me want to return. Please keep up the excellent work!

This place is fantastic in the way they handle you. All the employees in El Faro are excellent, including the manager (do not recall all the titles ). The food was yummy and top-notch.

The air was put on not packed, and you barely had to wait for your meals. The chambers are hyper-clean. They have a turndown service and also come in throughout the afternoon to freshen up your space. They left biscuits for my children and wrote their name on these. I remained in the shower to get nearly an hr. It was so excellent. The barbecue out to the patio overlooking the beach was the highlight for me.

He had a lot of excitement and lifestyle and wished to know everything about you. He never missed some of those requests we left and was always at the top of all things. Catherine, the revenue manager, was quite pleasant and real. She’d down-home practicality for her also very educated and hot. In closing, you could not find a location more in song and concentrated at making your stay an extraordinary experience. I’ll be going back and attracting more people together with me. Bravo.