It just doesn’t get nicer than this

The huevos rancheros were fantastic, but the best was all the pancakes. Indeed the best breakfast we’ve had in our own month in Playa. Afterward, you are feeling great in more ways than you.

An amazing hidden stone. I went with a bunch of equally Trainers and non-vegetarians, and everyone loved their meal. The staff is amiable and helpful. I remember that some of them talked about akumal bonefishing and we received some tour providers contacts. I’d have gone back several times to try out everything on the menu when I had time!

We had been staying approximately 10 minutes away from El Hongo thus decided to pop over for lunch after coming that day in Playa. What a fantastic option! It seems just like a tropical, subtropical, heavenly oasis, filled with paintings, plants, and art. We felt welcome when we came. Thank you a lot for your hospitality and what you can do in your area!

OMG, this location has been fantastic! I’d found it on YouTube and did not recognize it had been near where we were staying. We ventured out on the unpaved backroads and came across what seemed from the outside to be only a tiny little shop, but as soon as you get in its just magnificent. Meals…. I can’t think about food. Will definitely make a point to return next time I am in Mexico.

Fantastic restaurant with such friendly and welcoming hosts, we’re so glad we moved a little from the way to see El Hongo! The food was terrific and entirely accurate, and the homemade limonada is just superb. Only round the corner out of this particular restaurant is a neighborhood shopping mall with a lot of good stores we visited after our lunch.

Very excellent food lately made. As others have said it does take some time, but it’s well worth it. Even the Aguas frescas are extremely refreshing and come in a vast array of tastes, freshly made also. The proprietor moved beyond the call of support as he supplied a cot and enthusiast for the toddler to sleep while we ate because we did not have a stroller.

Wonderful owners, fantastic place (they devote the room to teaching kids from the cube ), and best breakfast in the city. Most foods could be made vegan because the broth, sauces, and rice are vegetable/plant-based.